New task view

When creating a new task using the orange button in the top corner, I do not get the ‘full’ task creating view that I see when I go to ‘my tasks’ and hit the ‘add task’ button. How can I get the full-featured task options that include the three dots with a drop-down menu?

I think you can’t, you need to use the quick add view and then complete with other info. Or you just create the task in the project you currently are in (typing Enter in any task) and then move the task to the correct location.


Hi @Elizabeth_Celuck! :grinning: This is a great question and you are right, you can use the Quick Add to easily create a task from anywhere in Asana but you won’t see all task’s options. Once you create the task, then you will be able to access all features.

I’d recommend you to use the Add task button or you can also quickly create a task by selecting any existing task in the main pane and press Enter on your keyboard. Please find more information in this article.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions :sunny: