New Task from Google docs text line

We take all our client meeting notes in Google Docs and then write action items at the end.

We would love to have a quick easy way to highlight these action items and add them as a Task to Asana.

I see this thread here but seems like no resolution?

I would like to see something where much like where you highlight a line of text in a Google Doc and comment on it, if you could highlight that text and turn it in to an Asana Task AND have that link between the two so you can come back to your meeting notes, click through to the task and see if it actually did get done.

Similar to how Confluence and Jira work together:


Hi @Gary_Capps1, thanks for reaching out!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to connect Asana to Google docs. You can use Zapier to connect Asana to Google Sheets, you can see more details in this link:

As a workaround, you can have a look at the Asana for Gmail add-on. With this add-on you can create tasks from emails so when you receive an email notification for a comment in Google docs, you can create a reminder task in Asana.

I hope this helps!

Just chiming in to add another voice calling for Asana to please add this functionality natively (without requiring a third-party automation utility… especially a utility that Asana has somewhat-infamously declined to provide much-needed help maintaining, resulting in a lack of support for much of the newer API functionality).

I have been an Asana user for 6+ years. I would also really like this feature.