New Task Confirmation Email

Is there an easy way to send an automatic confirmation email to someone who fills out an Asana form?

For instance, we have a Creative Services Request form that anyone in our agency (most of who do not use Asana) will be able to fill out to request our services. We would like them to get a confirmation email containing all of the options they submitted.

It seems like there are lots of options to email INTO Asana, just wondering if it goes the other way too and I’m just missing it…?

Hi @Adam_Thiel,

You’re not missing anything. Right now you can email tasks into Asana, but there’s no option to send emails from Asana, although I understand your point and how this would be very helpful.

At this time, if you want to follow up with people who filled out a form, you would need to manually reach out to each person.

Apologies for the inconvenience here. Forms were launched recently and I’m sure we’ll soon have more options.

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