New tags adding feature not working

I just saw that we can now add new tags via the Android app. But when I try to add a non-existing tag the Save button is not active and I see a text “No results. Try a different search”. Since I’m using the beta, I uninstalled it and installed the default Asana app but the problem stays. Here are some screenshots

Hi @SilviyaRadkova, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble here! Could you confirm what is the current Asana app version? :slight_smile:

The version is 6.66.2

Thanks for confirming, @SilviyaRadkova! This is strange, I just checked and this feature is available to all customers using the Asana app for Android 6.66.2 and you should see the option “+ New Tag” if the tag hasn’t been created.


Could you try search for another word, for example “hello” as in the example above? If the issue persists please kindly confirm your device model and OS version so I can escalate this to our product team. Thanks!

Thanks for the detailed replied. I tried what you suggested but the problem continues. I’m using Samsung Galaxy a70 with Android 10.