New Snooze feature


How do you turn off the inbox snooze feature?
Will I be able to see what’s new in my inbox if I hit snooze?


Hey @La_Shawnda_Kendall

We’ll be releasing news about an ability to snooze “Due Today” inbox notifications very soon!

As it stands, if you hit the snooze button now, it will result in snoozing all inbox notifications for an hour to help you focus one Task at a time.

Hope this helps; let me know if you require any more clarity on this!


How do I turn it off if within the hour I no longer need the Snooze?


Hey @La_Shawnda_Kendall!

If you’d like to un-snooze your inbox, simply navigate back to your Hacks tab that’s found within your personal account settings, and turn off the snooze hack!

Let me know if you have any other questions


I’d like to add that there should be an “Unsnooze” feature. Sometimes I want to end my snooze period early and the process you mentioned above is too many clicks.


Hey @Derek_McCauley

I can appreciate why you feel this way, though it’s as many clicks to turn it on, as it is to turn it off. Seems there are some clear ways to improve the snooze button.

Great ideas though; thanks for sharing!