new rule parameter for all approval subtasks marked "Approved"

We have a situation where a set of documents must be reviewed and approved by between 3 and 8 departments concurrently. We want everyone to be able to see each other’s feedback, so we have the documents in a parent task accessible to all of the reviewers, who then each have an approval subtask to complete. The “when all subtasks are marked complete” trigger is satisfied no matter the actual response to an approval subtask, so we would like to be able to create rules based on the actual statuses of the Approval subtasks (Approved, Changes Requested, Rejected). Specifically, we want to trigger an action when all of the approval subtasks are set to “Approved” but not if any of them are set to Rejected or Changes Requested.

Hi @Leigh_Flynn, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback! We don’t have immediate plans to implement this trigger. I’ll keep you posted if this is something we plan to implement in the future!

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