New recurring task in my user task list doesn't trigger a webhook event

I subscribed to receive all events which happen to tasks in my user task list.
When I complete a recurring task, the next one is created. However, I don’t receive a webhook event about this new task creation.
It only happens if the task has a project.

Any idea why I don’t get this notification?

That certainly seems like an issue.

@Ross_Grambo, any thoughts on this?

Hmmm. Other types of events are triggering as expected? Such as adding a new task and/or removing a task?

If yes, could you DM me your user task list id? And an example of a recurring task that has this issue?

By this, do you mean a recurring task without a project works as expected? But a recurring task with >0 projects doesn’t trigger an event?

The other events are triggering as expected.

And I meant the way around.
A recurring task without a project doesn’t trigger an event.
But a recurring task with >0 projects works as expected.

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