New quick add breaks shortcuts


I like the new window that pops up in the lower right when doing ‘tab+Q’ for a new task, but the shortcuts for project (tab+P) and due date (tab+D) don’t work anymore! I’m all about shortcuts and this just seems like this was an oversight? More mouse clicks is not what myself and I’m positive other people want when just trying to quickly add a task from calendar view.

"My Task" Keyboard Shortcut
Date shortcut is pulling changing selected task (but not new one)

Totally agree, and I haven’t found a way around it. I used to be able to fire off a set of tasks and schedule them for days in the upcoming week very quickly, without having to leave the keyboard or even look at the screen (visual search drives me nuts, even in familiar UI!). Now… Tab+Q… move hand… move mouse… click… click… click…

This is gonna sound petty, but this change really, really frustrates me. Glad to know I’m not alone. Hopefully there’s a fix coming in the near future!

Date shortcut is pulling changing selected task (but not new one)

I’ll third this issue. The box in the bottom right seems to be permanent now (it was off and on for me for a while) and it looks nice but is less convenient. As mentioned, the keyboard used to be available for everything (in particular, pressing Enter to create the task), and now it’s all clicks. Much less convenient; huge loss for me as I use the Tab+Q quick add all the time.


(Using Chrome) I’m using the “pop up” task when using the keyboard shortcut (Tab+Q), and when I try to set the due date using Tab+D from within the pop up, it tries to change the due date of the last task I had previously selected vs. the new task I’m creating. Any ideas if this is a bug that’s being fixed soon?


Hi @Allea_Grummert and thanks for the report! We’re still working on fixing issues related to shortcuts within the new "Quick Add a Task feature. I’ll merge your thread New quick add breaks shortcuts to avoid having to many duplicates!


Thank you, Marie!


Your request is a shortcut to open “My tasks” and your comment is related to the forum behavior right? (moderator here :wave:)


Any word on a fix for this? I use the quick-add tasks (Tab+Q) many times per day, and the inability to use keyboard shortcuts in the new quick-add panel is extremely prohibitive. The biggest one for me is the simple inability to press “Enter” to create the task; I have to reach over, grab my mouse, and click “Create Task” for every new task I create in this way.


It just started working for out of the blue a couple of days ago!


Indeed it does. In addition, it seems that “Tab+Enter” will create the new task, which is great. Thanks to the team for making this happen.


Almost there… Tab+D opens the calendar, but setting the date still requires mouse work. The old UI had a text field that allowed you to type a day of the week then enter to schedule tasks for the current week. I still miss that a lot, but overall the UI is improving steadily. Thanks for the continued work on quick add.