New Organization


Hi - I’m trying to set up a new organization and can’t seem to do it. I have two separate email domains, one for each company. How do I set up a new organization and have access to my current organization. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Robby,
Have you taken a look at this Guide article about creating new organizations?


Hi Alexis -

I had, but was still having trouble. That said, I now created a new Workspace, which then looks like you can convert to a new organization.



Super! Let us know if you need anything else.


I’m trying to figure out why Asana is so recommended by the users.
I started using Asana last week and I can’t even have my Organization created.
There are three different tickets regarding my issue (#479824, #480654 and #480778). Both of them were responded by Asana support team, I replied back with the needed information and then I get no response anymore.
My project management work is stuck because I can’t have my organization created.
Is this really something so hard to do? Is anyone have the same problem?
I have all the requirements for having an organization. I’m the company domain administrator and I am using my company e-mail address with Asana.


Hi @Arthur_Machado! Thanks so much for reaching out. We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting in touch with the support team. I’ll escalate your issue to our support team immediately and you should see a reply soon. Please reach out to me if you have questions.