New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views!

Will it be possible to use different kinds of sorting in different section within a project?


It only works on the List view.
I don’t understand why the Board view filters are different…


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Any chance I could be added to the treatment group? Been looking for this for a while. Thanks!

Good point, @Rotem_Yarkoni.

@Marie, Is parity for Board view expected in due time?



Is this also per project? Was hoping to see this in the My Tasks section


Thanks for these upcoming improvements. Can you say when you might also be providing multi-sort in portfolios? e.g., by status, by owner…

@Rotem_Yarkoni + @lpb I’m checking with our team and will report back as soon as I have an update!

@John_Seubert this update is only available to projects! Hopefully this is something we can add to My Tasks in the future :slight_smile:

@anon2060008, thanks for your feedback! I’m afraid we can’t, but it will be available to everyone in just a few weeks, so not long to go!


Hi! Can you also add the ability to customize, save and share alternate project views? Many of our teams want to see the same project content in different ways and we end up having to create separate projects and adding tasks to multiple projects as a result.

Also, if you can fix the ability to see “Private” Project names that a task is a part of for non-project members, it would help us to know if automation rules worked and whether a task made it into another project successfully (for IT task tracking & monitoring). We are told this is a limitation of the product. Project Names themselves usually don’t require blocking. They should be read only when a user doesn’t have access and could include the label (Private) for visibility of why you cannot click to go there.

Both of these requests would receive a lot of appreciation from our teams.


I’m enjoying the new features but want to give feedback that both @Paul_Grobler and I had (@Marie, perhaps you could pass along to the product team?):

While Filter and Sort are shared by both List and Board views, Show Fields is unique to each of the two views. Given that all three controls are side-by-side, it’s not apparent (and is in fact confusing) whether you’re making a setting that applies to just the current view you’re seeing or also the other view as well.

The request is to disambiguate this. There are likely many solutions that could work that perhaps Asana designers have already considered. One approach could be to include a header line at the top of the Show fields menu that would say “For List view:” when you open the menu while in List view, and “For Board view:” when opening the menu in Board view.


See also related feature post: Project views can now be used to manage different aspects of your projects!

Thanks for considering,



Thanks @lpb! I’ve shared this feedback with our team following our last Hangout. It will be considered for future updates, and I will keep you posted in this thread when I have some updates!

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@Marie : Unfortunately this is not available in “My Tasks”. Why don’t my tasks have all the same functionalities of the other projects? It’s so frustrating. I have to add all my tasks to another project to be able to use multi-sort, etc.

Also, will we EVER be able to sort by project(s) or tags? This seems to be an easy fix. In the task management system, “Remember the Milk” you can sort by tags and they also have a grouping option. So instead of grouping by sections, I can group by tags and sort by due date.


Because it is not a regular project technically in the code. It used to be really really different, and is slowing merging into a project (that’s at least my understanding).


Just throwing in my voice here for adding this to portfolios as well. Having single sort is challenging for large portfolios, for example currently can only sort by status or date, would love to be able to sort portfolios by status and date.


What happened to “just my tasks” button?

It used to be a wonderful way to see all ones tasks with just once click - complete and incomplete…

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I am in the unlucky 50%!

Hi @anon52614418 , in case you or others are looking for the quick filter buttons…

It’s still only two clicks away… :wink:

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Well, I can’t seem to find an easy 2-click way to show at the same time all my tasks - both completed and incomplete…

@Neil_Desai we’re hoping to roll out this update to all users in the next week or so, so not long to go!

Is there a thread to request/track this work? Thanks!

Indeed, @anon52614418 , to show both incomplete & completed of the old ‘Just my tasks’ quick filter now needs a few extra clicks. To be fair though, you would have had to previously have your project set to ‘All tasks’ to get to ‘Just my tasks’ in two clicks, so it’s kinda the same thing now, just consolidated.

But regarding the new quick filters, I assume the design decision was that one would want to focus on just their tasks that are due (incomplete), which personally makes sense to me :person_shrugging: