New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views!

@Marie : Unfortunately this is not available in “My Tasks”. Why don’t my tasks have all the same functionalities of the other projects? It’s so frustrating. I have to add all my tasks to another project to be able to use multi-sort, etc.

Also, will we EVER be able to sort by project(s) or tags? This seems to be an easy fix. In the task management system, “Remember the Milk” you can sort by tags and they also have a grouping option. So instead of grouping by sections, I can group by tags and sort by due date.


Because it is not a regular project technically in the code. It used to be really really different, and is slowing merging into a project (that’s at least my understanding).


Just throwing in my voice here for adding this to portfolios as well. Having single sort is challenging for large portfolios, for example currently can only sort by status or date, would love to be able to sort portfolios by status and date.


What happened to “just my tasks” button?

It used to be a wonderful way to see all ones tasks with just once click - complete and incomplete…

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I am in the unlucky 50%!

Hi @anon52614418 , in case you or others are looking for the quick filter buttons…

It’s still only two clicks away… :wink:

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Well, I can’t seem to find an easy 2-click way to show at the same time all my tasks - both completed and incomplete…

@anon83708633 we’re hoping to roll out this update to all users in the next week or so, so not long to go!

Is there a thread to request/track this work? Thanks!

Indeed, @anon52614418 , to show both incomplete & completed of the old ‘Just my tasks’ quick filter now needs a few extra clicks. To be fair though, you would have had to previously have your project set to ‘All tasks’ to get to ‘Just my tasks’ in two clicks, so it’s kinda the same thing now, just consolidated.

But regarding the new quick filters, I assume the design decision was that one would want to focus on just their tasks that are due (incomplete), which personally makes sense to me :person_shrugging:

Hi @John_Seubert , below is the only thread I could find that you can vote on… seems like it needs some votes :sweat_smile: (purple button top left)


How do I sort within section?

Also, our weekly meetings usually filter to review tasks completed in last week (I think it showed last 7 days). Now the only option is ‘this week’ and ‘last week’ so we have to do extra steps.

Hello, in the “List” view, is it possible to sort using 2 fields at the same time? Ex: Priority then due date OR Due date then priority?
I have over 100 tasks schedule for today and I’d like to focus on the higher priority ones first.
Thank you

Funny how the Asana UX team seems to like adding more steps to do things… isn’t it counterproductive?
I’m not pleased with the new redesign and hope there will be an option to keep the old one. We’ve just deployed Asana to 50+ employees with a structure and logic and now this design will make it harder to use.

I’m very disappointed with the product to be honest. So many opportunities to provide great features but each time I’m excited about a change or new thing… you can be sure there is a big negative to it. I’m Design and Dev Team lead and honestly, very often I feel like the Asana team doesn’t look at best practices, common sense, and competitors to provide the best product possible.

I can’t help but be upset with this filtering update. AT first of course I was excited because, well before was just completely useless, so now it’s definitely better but why isn’t it just perfect already?

Please comment on my reply… how annoying is this that you click on a custom field to filter ascending or descending but you have then to go to the filter menu to click on one button “clear” and then another one “Apply”. How inefficient. When it’s been years most websites and apps just make the third click on a sorting field the “clearing function”.

Why do I have to choose a predetermined option to sort and filter due dates when there is already great UX out here that wish is allowing the user to choose a specific date and then say after or before? Or even choosing two dates and specifying if the filter should apply out or in the range.

So many great ideas that could make this product the best but so many little bugs or miss that make it quite frankly the most irritating tool I ever use. And jeez I’d like to love it because I spent one year trying to implement it in my all company and now we all have to work with it for the years to come.

The timeline view and subtasks were the most promising updates and have also been proven the biggest disappointment. Do you guys even have a testing team? I have found problems with the timeline adjustments in less than 5 min and unfortunately, it’s not specific or unique scenarios. I literally had to ask the entire team to not use timeline view to make sure no one would break the flow of our work…

This never happens in Asana, you never have two versions kept. Once the A/B test or release is done, you get one or the other.

As a PC user, I just got the updated version and am loving the added capability! However, most of my users primarily use mobile, and I’m not seeing multi-sort or multi-filter available there. Are there plans to add this functionality to mobile as well?

The new Filters and Sort features were finally released to our account today, and I just want to say I love it! This is going to be a game-changer for us. It should reduce the reliance on Advanced search, and now we can see the task results within our preferred view (List or Board).

Is it possible to add the “Creation date” and “Modification date” to the “Add filter” menu options? So we can filter tasks that were created in a certain period and tasks that were recently modified. Similar to the Advanced search menu.

Hi all, this has been rolled out to 100% of our customers today :tada:


Hi, loving the new sort + filter features - being able to combo more than 1 of each is very powerful.

There is 1 though: I would love to see “saving” my most used filters that I quickly access within the filters / sort menus.

This means we have our meetings or need to quickly scan boards/lists for certain that I can be more efficient instead of having to specify my regular filters / sorts each time.

I realise there is a “saved search” feature, but I rarely use this because it loses board/list section context, sorting options and customised fields.


Hi @jsonuk22 , welcome to the forum :wave:
There is already a similar product feedback request here where you can vote (purple button, top left) :wink: