New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views!

So I see the feature, it’s very nice.
One quick question though, will we be able to filter “Completed Task” for the day again? For the life of me, I’m searching, but I can’t find “Completed Task Today” anymore.


@Mark_Almojera, Use one filter criterion like this:


Multi-filter looks really useful (and it’s appeared as a feature for me), but…
our main use for filters that we use all day everyday is the quick filter just my tasks, or assigned to user which is now broken, we have either have to do “incomplete + assigned to me” and remove incomplete. I can’t remember the exact sequence for going to other people but once you had your tasks it was easy to switch the assignee you were filtering on.
Our use case is morning standup, when we want to show what you did yesterday, what you are doing today, so including completed is important, as is speed of moving around people for the person running the meeting.
Easiest solution is us being able to set the quick filters (even if we can’t be completely custom - maybe a list of top 10 or 20 options for us to pick from)

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So glad to see this coming together! It will be so beneficial!

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What about sort on the subtasks???
We’re waiting for ages and still there’s no progress at all from your side!
I don’t want to see the completed subtask on the top of the list (specially when you have bundle of subtasks). It’s so annoying to click on “load more subtasks” when you have more than 20 subtasks. It shouldn’t be so difficult for you to solv this issue!!

Hi @Marie !

It might be worth mentioning in the release notes about the new ‘Show fields’ button, next to the ‘Filter’ and ‘Sort’ buttons on the left.

It seems that the 9 metadata fields (assignee, due date, tags, created by, created on etc) have been bundled under the new ‘Show fields’ button and have been removed from the Customize pane (under ‘Fields’) which now only lists Custom fields within the project, which makes sense to me.

However, some users may be still looking for these metadata fields under the Customize pane and having trouble understanding that they have been relocated under the new ‘Show fields’ button, as per this recent example.

I hope this note helps others find their metadata fields once again :slight_smile:


To make sure, to get that I would need to add a “Completed On” Field Type Date to my list of Custom Fields correct?

The only non custom field filters available to me are “Completion status”, “Assignee”, and “Due Date”

I was mainly asking because I didn’t understand why the need to do the workaround to achieve something that was previously offered :person_shrugging:

In any case, thanks for the response.

This is great, thank you!!


Hmmm. I was surprised to see your screenshot where it appears you have fewer built-in fields than I do. Here’s mine:


Only the last one (Responsible) is a custom field I added.

@Marie or @Nao_Kumazaki, if this is due to something other than that this is not 100% rolled out yet, please reply. Otherwise, Mark, maybe this will become available within the next few weeks as the OP mentions.




I don’t understand those Due Dates filtering options. Wouldn’t it be simpler to be able to choose a Date, then select before or after that date, or even have the option to select a range?
Does the option Due in the next 14 days will also filter tasks that are due in 1,2,… months??

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 9.17.46 am

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This is great!! Thanks for the update Marie.

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@anon38263004, not at the moment but I’ll keep you posted here if that was to change!

The public announcement is here @Richard_SatherProject views can now be used to manage different aspects of your projects! :slight_smile:

@Mark_Almojera, I don’t have enough info on your screenshot to help. Can you please send a full screenshot to our support team? (How to contact our Support Team ✉) Thanks!

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Ah of course @Marie , I thought I had seen it somewhere… can’t keep up with all these great updates! :sweat_smile:

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It seems that when the multi-sort feature was rolled out it eliminated the functionality of being able to select multiple tasks and move them out as a group, one day at a time.

This used to be accomplished by sorting the project by due date, then unchecking the “sort within sections” box, then selecting tasks(using crtl or shift), then letting your mouse hover over the “due date” column.
At that point you could press the up key or down key on the keyboard to bump out the entire selected group of tasks by however many days, while still keeping the relative due dates of all tasks.

@Sam_Goodhue, Unless I’m mistaken, my recollection was that the feature you mention actually stopped working several years ago. Currently, the only way to do anything similar is with multi-select in Timeline view.



Will it be possible to use different kinds of sorting in different section within a project?


It only works on the List view.
I don’t understand why the Board view filters are different…


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Any chance I could be added to the treatment group? Been looking for this for a while. Thanks!