New messages/comments differentiated from old ones so they're not missed


The thing I struggle with most on asana is that if I write a comment for a member of my team, I have no way of knowing if they’ve read it or not… this is further concerning because if you have an orange dot next to your inbox, you don’t know how many new messages you have and they’re not bold or anything so messages could very easily be missed.

to remedy this, I think that the following would help:

  1. The orange dot should tell you how many new messages/comments etc. you have.
  2. Once clicked on, your new messages/comments etc. should be in bold or somehow differentiated from the ones you’ve already seen so that none are missed.
  3. If you leave a message for someone, there should be some way of knowing if they’ve read it or not.

How possible would these things be?

Kind regards,


I think this is a great idea. As Sarah said, some form of indication of how many notifications you have unread in your inbox would be really informative. I second making those unread messages further distinct from read ones as well.


Thank you Conor :slight_smile: Would you mind voting for my suggestion please? I think that’s how it works?? :slight_smile:


Sorry Sarah, still getting used to the community forum. Just voted :slight_smile: