New message: Place cursor in subject field rather than "to" field

Since Asana launched messaging as a feature, we’ve been able to cut way back on internal email, which is a huge plus. One thing I’ve noticed with the higher volume of messages from our team is that message often lack a subject: that field is just a truncated version of the body. This is because when you open a new message, the “to” field is selected, so typically the user will populate that field, then move on to the message and never assign a subject.

The result is that it’s much harder at a glance to parse your inbox because nothing has a subject - it probably takes several seconds longer per message to prioritize and respond, and with a high volume that quickly adds up.

The messaging feature is vital to our goal of eliminating or drastically reducing internal email, and placing the cursor in subject field to start with would help tremendously with clarifying and displaying messages.

Hi @TrevorWiser, thanks for providing this feedback on Messages!

While we don’t have any plans to make changes to our Messages feature right now, hopefully our Product team can implement this change in the near future! I’ll keep you updated! :slight_smile:

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