New member of organisation signed up,


A new member signed up with asana. than he request to be on a team.
As owner of the organisation i received an email that the new member is waiting for approval.
But i can’t find that request on the dashboard???
That is Odd. not even in my task list?

Is that normal?

Even in my Inbox: activity i do not see that a new member is signed up to the organisation?

Please can you explain?

it is the free version of asana.

thanks in advance


Hi @Dicki_Smits! Have you tried these steps? Keep us posted if you are still having trouble with this!


Hello @Marie,

It is not the problem that i can’t approve a new member,
The problem is that i do NOT receive an request in my dashboard, nor in my inbox.
I onley receive an email with the request to approve membership to the team.

But why can’t i see the request in my dashboard or Inbox–> activitys?

Hope you understand?



Hi again @Dicki_Smits! I get it now, apologies for the misunderstanding! :see_no_evil: Unfortunately, as it stands these requests are only sent out by email, but I can appreciate your point, and how handy it would be to receive these notifications directly in your Inbox! I’ll make sure to escalate your feedback so we can look into this for future improvements. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Marie,
Seems you are aware of this. Hope to see that improvement in the future.
I am just new to Asana and i am researching the differend options.
Seems an great application to me so far.