New Layout for Cross-Listed Projects and Their Custom Fields in Task View (Grouping CF)

I also would really rather not have these expand/collapse sections - it means that when you open a project and they’re all expanded, the first task has to be to close them, and it still takes more scrolling to get to the bottom of the notes.

Also, the way we work is that when our work on a job is finished, we need to change a field in each of the boards it’s on - previously that was very quick as they were all drop-downs grouped at the top of the job, but now it will be a case of opening a section, finding that field, changing it, closing the section, and repeating for each of them.

Essentially, the new style doesn’t add anything useful to our way of working and instead will add frustration and time (and the potential for error). Can this be an opt-in/opt-out?


I hear you, @tabitha. I regret to see that time was wasted troubleshooting what turned out to be an A/B test. I’ve passed this feedback onto our Product team.

I’d like to mention that if you apply to become an Asana Ambassador, you will receive notice of any upcoming A/B test and product updates (before they’re rolled out publicly). This might be an option for you or someone in your Organisation.

Thanks, Rebecca, for the suggestion! The Ambassador program looks interesting - I’ll dig into it a bit with my team.

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Following up my linked post above,

I’ve updated this post:

to show that Asana has implemented my recommendation to handle navigation/scrolling in the long Customize menu:


I wish they’d use the exact same approach in all of Task Detail as explained in the linked post.


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