New interface problems


Is there an option to switch back to the old interface? It was much better.

In the new version if a task needs to span projects and is NOT already assigned to a project, then the add button doesn’t exist. At least there is no mouse over where the option is available in other tasks.

For those assigned to multiple projects, the project on the full page float over is below the description. It makes more sense to keep it in the hierarchy of Project --> Task --> Description. This is because projects are organized that way outside your system.

Finally, the top task information takes up too much of the screen. The older version was was very brief which allowed more room for comments to scroll or an image in comments.

And rich text in comments isn’t that useful – if someone has enough time to bold, italic, and such for a comment, then they aren’t doing much real work. Go hire yourself some project managers and don’t let developers change workflow.




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