New free trainings for premium customers from Asana


Hi community,

Since still some people do not know this site and there are some new good free trainings, I want to share the link:

On this site you find a handful of free trainings, made all with love from the Asana team.
I recommend bookmark this site, since they add new trainings from time to time.

There are also on-demand courses now, so you can learn on your own pace.



Thank you @Sebastian_Paasch! I’ve shared this link with my team. They may appreciate hearing from someone besides me. :slight_smile:


Sometimes it is also good to train in a different mode or to get trained in a different style :slight_smile:
Have a good weekend :evergreen_tree:


Thanks for that. Had forgotten about that site.

One thing I did notice is that there is an Asana Training Template Project that can also assist.



Hi @Sebastian_Paasch - was the ‘Transitioning Key Workflows’ Training removed from this page? I am working on training for my support departments and was planning on using that training in the ladder of the sessions, and I can’t seem to find it! If it has been removed would you have a copy of the recorded session that you could share with me? This training in particular will really help my support teams get their respective teams fully on board, without having to go through all of the courses that are now showing separately, therefore providing the complete buy in I need from them :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexis_Tallon! Sebastian is a fabulous Asana Champion, customer, consultant, and an Asana expert. :slight_smile: For site questions such as these you can feel free to ask me - I’m the Community Manager here at Asana. It’s great to hear your feedback about the Transitioning Key Workflows training. I’ll follow up with my colleagues in charge of the trainings page and get back to you!


Hi @Alexis , thanks so much for the reply.
I’m an event coordinator dealing mainly with live events and concerts, so I have many support departments that I have strong armed into using Asana as our main communication and planning tool (I love it it makes our lives so much easier)
We are going into year two of the system so I am doing some further training with them now that they have the basics down for further preparation for our 2018 season, and I was planning on taking them through the transitioning key workflows training in hopes that they can get their respective sub-teams using the system in their day to day - making it easier for them to use it when it comes to our special events!
Thanks again!


Hi @Alexis_Tallon! I think you may be referring to our “103 Fundamentals: Work Management” training since it goes over transitioning key workflows into Asana. If it’s this one, you’re in luck! We’re hosting a live session on Thursday, 1/11 at 10am PT. You and your team can register here. If you can’t make the live version, we also have a self-paced version here. Hope this helps!


@Alexis None of the Training links on the right side of this page seem to be working… the links are broken. Can they be accessed elsewhere? If not, do you have a timeline on when this will be fixed?


Hi @Carrie_Faye_Harder! Thank you for letting us know! I’ll let the team know. We usually update the pages on Tuesdays, so I hope you’ll see working links then!


Apparently, it’s not accessible for Deaf and Hard of hearing anymore. I took the training over the phone using Video Relay Service. Now its all online with no closed captioning. My Deaf and Hard of hearing co-workers cannot utilize the Asana Acamedy at all.


Hi @Adan_Burke. It sounds like you’re referring to Asana Academy. Unfortunately Asana Academy does not feature accessibility settings at this time. However, if you have questions about Asana we’ll be happy to help you here in the Community!


Hi @Sebastian_Paasch, @Alexis. I am having trouble registering for the Asana premium trainings. I am unable to register for “Asana 101: Task management” and “Asana 102: Project organization” live training, however I do have access and able to register through the on-demand version. I was able to click on a link provided above by Kristen to register for the “103 Fundamentals: Work Management” and that seemed to work fine. Is it possible to provide a link that will allow me to register for all live trainings?
Thank you!