New Feature: Custom Templates!


Today Asana is excited to announce custom templates, an easy way to make a playbook out of your team’s common processes, so they can be easily replicated over and over.

Turning a project into a custom template is simple, and helps you ensure that processes stay consistent no matter who’s driving the work. You can create templates that follow your team’s specific process for things like:

  • New employee onboarding
  • Ad campaigns
  • Interview questions
  • Product checklists
    …and anything else your organization does regularly

Learn more on the Asana blog!

How do you plan to use custom templates? What do you think of this new feature? We’re excited to hear what you think!


Just a tip I learned the hard way - if you have an onboarding template that has tasks multi-homed in a process project, it duplicates the task, doesn’t multi-home it in the new project. I should have expected that, I’m a dummy, but just fyi - I was all gungho to use it like that, then couldn’t and had to change the way we did things.

But I think it’s mostly useful for meeting agendas, for people to just create it from a template so the barrier to using projects like that is lessened.

Also excellent for things like branding update projects and visual identities (not as commonly used, but always a headache to build out).


When thinking of custom templates, the services & consulting business certainly comes to mind such as:

  1. Checklist of certain legal or accounting services that have defined procedures that are redundant among clients. ie, audits and reviews of financial statements, estate planning, income tax preparation, legal services of many kinds.
  2. Due Diligence procedures on any type of acquisition or sale if you are in type of repeat business such as real estate, I led due diligence teams all the time in my previous career in oil and gas exploration, effectively anything you need to cross the t’s and dot the eyes on and distribute steps among a team in charge of different aspects.

The list would go on and on. Great addition!!!


This is one of my favourite Asana features. We use a template for our development process, with a section listing milestones as tasks, each linked with a custom field. It standardises our process and makes Google Sheet reporting very easy.

It also means we don’t have to keep copying a template project each time, which carries a risk of someone accidentally altering the original template. Having the template integrated into the orange circle/white cross just makes it feel more ‘official’ somehow.


Can’t use this as I’m a single user and single users are forced to pay for five users if they want custom fields and custom templates :frowning: