New Email Formatting

It seems that the email formatting has changed for emails in Asana. It used to be that you’d see the previous thread of comments in the email but now the updates only come one per email. It is possible to go back to the previous formatting as it was much more user friendly?

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You are correct here, we are releasing a redesigned daily summary and task update email in Asana. As it stands, we don’t have an option to revert back to the old email formatting, however we’re closely monitoring feedback and I’ll make sure to keep you posted if we decide to make any changes.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We really appreciate it!

Thanks, I appreciate it. The downside is that every message only has one update in it. Before it would have previous comments. Having the previous comments is MUCH more user friendly as we can see the context for the message. The current email forces me as the user to constantly go back to asana as I don’t really have enough information to properly reply based on one message many times, I need to see the previous thread or comments.

Please pass this along to your team, the previous format was perfect and now it’s not as usable.

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Hi Natalia,

We are having the same issue as Andrew. It is creating more work about work.

Agreed - we are missing the preview text and the previous comments in email thread. It will cost us time which we don’t have to click open each and every email for context.

To add to my previous comment - the preview window in outlook provided about 50% of space dedicated to the messages from our teams - which is what we are most concerned with. In the new format the preview window looks to be less than 20% space dedicated to the messages from our teams which is the point of the email in the first place.

Please please go back to the previous version of emails.

Thank you!

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The way the user experience is now is that I often have to click on the task name to see the details in Asana, it’s an extra step in the workflow that ultimately adds more time and make my day less productive. I’m not sure what the upside of the new layout is to be honest.


I agree. We hate the new email notification format. It is WAY harder to find the text of the latest response. The format was supposed to get simpler and clearer but it actually got more complicated and harder to read. I have to click the Reply in Asana button almost every time because I can’t make out the important, most recent addition to the thread. This is time consuming and I’m now tempted to just turn off email notifications altogether because they have become virtually worthless.

I also find it problematic that when you click on the “Reply in Asana” button it takes you to the general task instead of the subtask that the comments are in. Creating misses for each job and wasting time for us to execute.