New Custom fields notification feature- feedback



Your new feature of Custom Fields Notification is great. However- marking this option for a certain field or a few, will overload my inbox for every change in this field value, while in a lot of cases I would only be interested in being notified on a certain value change, and not for the others.
Will be great if you can improve this feature behavior to include that


Hi Asana team, love these notifications and like @Tal_Koren would be great if they could developed further please. For example it would be great to turn these on and off by project rather than just field. ie I have a custom field called RAG Status (Red/Amber/Green) on every single task and this is a great feature to use on some projects.

Thank you for adding this feature :slight_smile:


Hi Tal,

FYI, this exact capability has just been introduced into Flowsana as an If-Then Rule action: