New Calendar view is worse. Again

The new team calendar view ignores the uproar you guys previously faced when you updated, why do it again? Currently in team calendar view you can’t drag around tasks easily. When you do so they bug and disappear forcing you to have to maximize and refresh the page. In addition the added padding was advised against by so many of your customers and you’ve added it anyway?

I don’t get it…

I am significantly displeased by the new Asana calendar as well. Previously, I was able to read all my daily tasks just by looking at the calendar. With the new layout, I cannot read all my tasks (they cut off) and if the tasks have a date, then the task is so significantly cut off that it is completely unreadable. We must click the task to allow it to load completely, to even read the title of the task

Further, creating a new task has become more challenging. It doesn’t intuitively pop up, but moves to the bottom where you must scroll to find it, and doesn’t automatically select itself for typing.

I am very disappointed that I am unable to adjust the view or revert. If this is not remedied, I will be switching platforms. Our team is already researching and comparing other options - and not being able to quickly view our daily tasks is time consuming and unacceptable.

I was even more disappointed to read Asana’s response on Twitter - “ :see_no_evil: Why be fine, when we can makes the changes needed to be great!?! We low key think you’ll love the changes we’re making!”

If your users are complaining about the new interface - do not minimize their concerns and tell them that you know what they will like better, even in the face of their complaining. The customer knows best, and we will be leaving your platform not just for the poor change in layout - but the insensitive and short sighted response to complaints

Hi @Lorrae and thanks for taking the time to provide us with your detailed feedback, we really appreciate it. We tried to tackle most of the issues that were raised during the initial launch, but l agree that there is some room for improvement, and we will make sure to work toward making them happen in the future.

I’ve also gone ahead and sent some feedback to our Social team regarding the reply you received on Twitter; our sincere apologies for the negative experience here. We heavily rely on customer feedback and really appreciate you taking some time to let you know what you think about Asana. By the way, if you want to learn a little more about how we process and action feedback, have a look at this post.

Hope this helps, if you have any follow-up questions, please let me know!

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A few things I’d like to see improved with the calendar:

  1. Remove the repetitive “Show less” link on every single day.
  2. Remove the animation where it nudges the task for the check mark when the mouse is hovering over it. Very distracting.
  3. Bring back the blue dots to indicate entries on weekends.
  4. Bring back the subtle blue background to indicate TODAY as in the previous version.
  5. Provide different views for the calendar. I wish there was a 3-day and just a 5-day view.
  6. Provide a toggle to turn on and off feature to show all weekends automatically. It would really help out those who require recurring weekend work.
  7. A setting to automatically expand the current week so the user doesn’t have to toggle the link every single time to see all of his or her tasks in full.

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