New bulk action feature removes the ability to bulk-move items to a new section in a project

The new bulk-action feature that was recently released has several issues resulting from the loss of the “shared task details” view, which have been documented in other forum posts. Most of these involve the loss of the ability to bulk-update custom fields that are not displayed in the task list; now it appears that any field you want to update in bulk has to be added to the task list view first, which can cause unnecessary clutter for projects with a lot of fields

One thing I have not seen called out much in the other posts is that this also caused us to lose the ability to bulk-move items in one project from one section to another. Previously, you could use the “section drop-down” next to a project to move multiple tasks between sections in one or more projects. This feature is still available for single projects, but now there appears to be no way to do it for bulk-selected tasks.

The only available workaround for this is to click and drag the selected items to the new section. This is significantly more difficult and less useful than the old method, for several reasons:

1 - Even on small projects, dragging items is less reliable and takes more time
2- On bigger projects, it can be nearly impossible to drag several items from one section to another one
3- If you have a set of items that need to be moved from one section to another in multiple projects at once, you used to be able to do this by bulk selecting them in one place and updating them from the task detail view. Now, you have to go to every project individually, and click and drag to move them. This is difficult enough to be nearly impossible to do in a reasonable amount of time based on our old workflows

This is a significant issue and is causing major problems for our workflows. I believe this could be fixed in the same method that has been suggested elsewhere (allowing the new bulk-select feature to display a shared “task details” view that allows ALL fields / options to be edited in one place), but wanted to make sure it was covered as a significant issue since (unlike the custom fields not displaying on the task list) it does not have what I would call a reasonable workaround at all.


Hi @Jonathan_Flowers and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Apologies if we haven’t announce this in the initial post we’ve made about this update: Taking bulk actions in Asana List view just got easier!. But these actions are been recently added following the feedback we have received about it. I’ve added it to the list of options (thanks for flagging).

This is actually possible to achieve. You can move the selected tasks to a new section directly from the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen. Please see screenshot below.

Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 18.15.14

I hope this helps Jonathan! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

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Hi Natalia,
Thanks, after posting this I did see that the feature you show is there so that does help. Looks like the only major thing left is the non-visible custom field bulk-editing, but that’s already covered in other topics.

Thank you


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