New Asana Guide


Hi everyone! Yesterday we launched our new Asana Guide portal. We wanted to surface more of the resources we’ve created to help customers like you realize value and achieve mastery with Asana. The Asana Guide is where you’ll find onboarding tips, use cases, Asana Academy, videos, our Knowledge Base (help docs), and links to this community.

Please let us know what you think! Thank you!


Congratulations to all! It’s great that you have included even more of the ever-growing set of resources here now, and it looks beautiful. And this Community gets more play!

The low-level organization is generally great, except I do find it confusing trying to recall how to get back to something I’ve seen before due to the fact that the Guide seems to be a series of subsites only reachable in a hub-and-spoke mechanism from the Guide’s homepage.

The Product Demo right side link takes me to a Videos subsite, but unless I recall that one gets to the Videos section by clicking “Product Demo” (or searching), I’d have trouble finding that again. A “Videos” link somewhere on the Guide’s Homepage, even if it in a footer area, would be appreciated.

And some of these subsites don’t indicate their name. “See Help Articles” leads to the large Help subsite with left-hand expand/collapse navigation. It looks not so different from the subsites that Get Started and Team Onboarding lead to; all three subsites have their own left navigation. None of these have a title saying where you are (Help, Get Started, or Team Onboarding) so how would one know/recall? “Videos,” on the other hand, does have such a title.

Also, when I click on the Guide’s home page “Aha Moments” box, I’m taken to Is that what’s supposed to happen? That didn’t make sense to me. (Do the checkmarks remembering completion of sections affect link destinations?) This Aha box doesn’t go to its own subsite but to the same one Onboarding uses. I guess some boxes go to separate subsites and some to shared ones, I realize now, but in the moment I simply had the experience of not understanding how these pages were organized.

So other than those disorienting elements, the low-level organization is great and the content continues to be amazing.


Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi



I think @lpb has covered it very thoroughly. I would just add that I love the onboarding section. That’s exactly what I wished we had when we first started rolling out Asana to our team, so that’s a fantastic addition.

Aside from the aforementioned navigation issues, great work all round. :+1:


I appreciate how it progresses from help for less experienced to more experienced users. And it includes links to training videos and customer support.

I also agree with @lpb and would add

  • What is the name of the “large Help subsite?” The new Asana guide portal refers to it as Knowledge Base and Help Articles. As well as in the upper right corner of every page has a link that just says Help. Three labels that all are referring to the same webpage.
  • It would be helpful if the results returned by the Asana Guide portal search, listed where each result comes from. i.e. Get Started, Team Onboarding, Integrations …
    If you get 47 results, knowing the source of (or even being able to filter based on source) would make it much easier to select the result that best suits your need.