New asana for gmail add-on


Howdy Everyone,

Is it only me or are others having the same problem where only my employees can install it but me and the admins can’t?


I am experiencing the same issue. Cannot install either directly on my account or domain Marketplace.


Yes currently admin can’t install add-ons, apparently this is a Google issue.


Ugh they always say it’s a Google issue lol. Just like the Google calendar syncing :frowning: Hopefully “Google” can get it enabled soon!


Same issue here…
My team has already installed it, but I just can’t do it…


@Sam_Leahey You’re not alone. I’m a Google Admin and having the same issue. Can’t install the Google / Asana tool. It’s greyed out.


Hey @Sam_Leahey/ @Andy_Lisi/@Bruno_Accorsi_Sarue/@Raegan_Hill

Just wanted to report back news that Google was able to sort out this issue, meaning admins will now be able enable the Asana integration for their own accounts as well!

Hope this helps all those who found themselves inconvenienced by this brief hiccup :slight_smile: