New! AI-powered Smart digests for projects ✨

Hello there,

Today I’m excited to announce our newest Asana Intelligence feature, Smart digests!

Often times, getting up-to-speed on work conversations can be very time consuming and if you don’t understand the nuanced details, it can be difficult to know how to action any next steps to move those projects forward.

Enter AI! With Smart digests, you are better equipped to stay informed and get up to speed on notable changes in your project. The digest will summarize all recent activities, like discussions, decisions, and work completed, in one place so it’s easily scannable and provides valuable insights to jump back into a project.

Using Smart digests on project overview:

  1. Open the Overview tab of a project
  2. Find Smart digest in the right pane and select Show me
  3. Once Asana Intelligence has generated the Smart digest, you will receive an email notification containing the generated output.
  4. You can also regenerate a Smart digest if you want to review different outputs.

You can enhance your experience by choosing to automatically generate and receive a smart digest whenever there’s significant new activity on a project. To activate this feature, just toggle on the “Email me automatically” option.

Lastly, please note, Smart digests are private to only the user who generated it.

We are gradually rolling out this update, and it will be available on Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers. Information on usage can be found here.

We hope you enjoy this update! Let us know if you have any questions!

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I’ve had the pleasure of testing this in my early access demo space and I must admit, I find it very impressive!

This feature will be incredibly useful for those on the sidelines of a project, or for those just joining a project, it will definitely help them get quickly up to speed with what is going on.

But remember, the results will only be as good as your data within your project - how your tasks are named and populated, the level of engagement such as comments and status updates, all get considered!


Thanks for sharing this great feedback, @Richard_Sather! :star:

Smart digests are also an excellent feature to use when you’re coming back from vacation or a break, as you can quickly catch up on what you missed in a project!


That’s another great point, @Emily_Roman !

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Hi Richard,

Have you spoken in other areas of the Forum on how to manage status updates? Our system of due dates (perpetually overdue) and comments (that need to be perpetually read through) to get updates no longer works well as the company grows. Love any tips.

Hey @Jen_Baldivid, it sounds like your problems may run deeper than they may appear, or that just status updates may solve, on their own.

I would approach this by digging into the root causes of why due dates are usually missed and thus overdue - are we setting unrealistic expectations? are we not marking complete the tasks that are actually complete? Are there firm conventions in place, so that internally everyone understands that a due date should be respected and met? And what actions and etiquette is in place for when we can’t meet those deadlines?

And regarding comments; I would make sure there are clear channels of communication. Is everyone communicating in Asana or are we using other tools as well where the conversation becomes fragmented? Is it clear when to use which app/tools, in which situations and for what purpose?

If these issues are addressed, then status updates should be able to provide an insightful summary on what is happening with a project. You can now also use AI to help with Stauts updates, but the results will only be as good as the data in your project!

But even status updates require firm conventions - who is the project owner, who is the person who posts the status update and provides an accurate report? Is everyone reporting on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis, without exception? Or do we report only when something important comes up? The answers to these questions should be clear in every organization for optimal results - not just for making the most out of Asana but for all your business processes on the whole.

I’d be happy to offer you a complimentary discovery call to discuss further, whether you are interested in my consulting services, or not.


This is a great feature for people collaborating on and working together in projects. I image if things were multi-homed strategically (or privately for one’s own visibility) this could even bring in a wider scope of work being done across projects.

Is / will there be a way to copy / paste into a Status Update or somehow made available to show to others?

I cannot see the Smart Digest as noted, is this available for all now?

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Welcome, @Anna_Winberg,

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Note, though, that Smart Digests are only available for the new subscriptions plans, not legacy plans.

OK, Thank you, this post was misleading. I looked for this for a few minutes, but they are lost now. Please write more informative posts.

Will it be offered to all soon? That seems strange it’s not for legacy. Especially since we’re on your Enterprise level.

No, I would say with 99% certainty that the AI features not included in legacy will not be added to legacy.

Note that I don’t work for Asana - I’m a user and a third-party developer - so it’s not mine. :wink:

Hi folks,

Just a quick update to let you know that in the next couple of weeks, we plan to launch project smart summaries (previously known as “Smart digest”) on mobile :partying_face:

Smart summarries will be available via the project overview tab. Here is a sneak peak of what this will look like: