Never-Ending Projects

Right now my marketing team has several “catch-all” projects called things like “Print,” “Website,” “Video,” and “Advertising” that all have custom fields like Department (dropdown field), or Cost (number field). This lets us pull reports by each department to see how much work we did for them, what type of work that was (print, web, advertising, etc), and how much those pieces cost in the end.

Most tasks we create go into one or more of those projects just so that we can use those same custom fields. These projects will never be completed because we always need to add tasks to them just to use those same custom fields.

Is there a better way? I know projects were meant to be for specific projects and not used ongoing like this but I don’t know any other way to ensure that those custom fields will be tracked for each task.

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Seth, I think you could have a Marketing Requests (or something like it) project, with the same custom fields for Department and Cost, then add another custom field for Request Type (or something like it), which could be a drop-down with options for Print, Website, Video, Advertising. If, for example, you had the same request for both Print and Website, you could easily copy the task and just change the one custom field.
This would still be an on-going project, but nothing wrong with that in my opinion :slight_smile: