Need to move 500+ projects at once

I need to contact someone at Asana to help me move many, many projects from a “Completed” board into a new project called “Archive”. I can only do 50 tasks at a time, yet there are hundreds and hundreds.

@tbear_admin_account - this is a very simple automation to build.

There is no way to do this for more than 50 tasks at a time currently using native Asana features, but you can automate it with third-party automation tools.

To be honest, if it’s less than 2,000, you may want to just do it manually, 50 at a time. But, if it’s several thousand, building a quick automation in, Zapier, or Integrately is the way to go.

My team builds automations like these. Feel free to contact me if you’d like help. We could take care of this entirely on a 15-min call.

I do this all the time for clients as well, moving hundreds of tasks between projects, let me know if you need help (after talking with Bryan obviously :heart: )

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