Need to let us edit comments!


Hey, gang…you need to allow us to edit comments. Like, if I find an error after I post something, there appears to only be an undo or delete option. If I want to correct a misspelling, let me. Don’t make me start over. FLOW by google lets you do this.


Amen! I still have no idea why you have to “earn” the right to edit your own comments haha :frowning:


Seriously. REALLY need this feature!!!


I am also waiting for the edit feature. At least increase the time of showing the undo button for the comment


Hi, as with the other folks in this thread, I agree this would be really useful :slight_smile: It’s time-consuming to copy the erroneous comment, paste it in as a new comment, make the change, and then go back and delete the old comment.


I think is a very useful feature, in order to edit comments on past if you forgot something and you want to write it keeping the thread context.


Also, being forced to delete the comment and re-add it messes with the timeline.


Definitely needed please


I’m new to Asana … although I’ve had an account for years … but am also surprised that this feature is not included out of the box … please add this …


Please allow us to edit comments

When an attachment is uploaded, it is floating there without any context in the comment stream (along with any of the reasons other mentioned)


I don’t think they care about our feedback, gang. This is, for all intensive purposes, an easy thing for them to allow, yet they will not address it or add the feature. Flow by Google will just pass them by unless they start listening to their users.


I am a relatively new Asana user but have tried a variety of different project management tools in previous lives. I love this product but also agree that the ability EDIT comments is a no brainer and necessary.

I would highly appreciate it if the product team at Asana can prioritize this request. It’s a low hanging fruit :slight_smile:



Couldn’t agree more!


Thread closed. Refer to open thread on this topic: Edit option for conversations and comments