Need to home a LOT of existing tasks into a new Project based on a Custom Field setting

We have found a sudden need to create a Project (for the Calendar View ability) and then home EVERY task in our company that has a Custom Field single-select set to “Delivery Date”. We are on Business level also.

There are hundreds of these already existing. I know how to set the rules in the appropriate projects to add this to another project.

However I don’t think the rule will run for tasks with that custom field set to this already, we’d have to manually change it to some other value, and then back to “Delivery Date”.

We’d also like a way to set this sort of rule across the entirety of our Asana platform (ie, all projects), or at least set this rule to work on all tasks in a Portfolio. This is not as critical as the previous request, but I’m open to suggestions.

I really wish there was a way to attach a rule to a custom field, regardless of where the task lives that is using that custom field. We use many of our custom fields across a LOT of projects.

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Hi Matt,

Currently, there is no way to do this however there are some updates coming shortly that may solve this issue rules wise. In the meantime you can search for any task with that custom field using the advanced search and select up to 50 at a time and click on the projects column and add in the project you want to add them to.


OK that’s helpful.

I also wasn’t aware that you could do a Saved Search and view it in Calendar mode. While this doens’t create a ‘Project’, it does actually give me precisely the calendar view I need, so really I think this one is solved, thank you!


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