Need to have a way to automatically include your whole org in a project

If we want to create a team or project with members, we have to go through through and add each member individually. Is there a better way? We’d like to auto-assign for all active Asana users.

Hi @arnold_joo

I think I have the solution to your problem while the asana team thinks about how to implement a solution.

I understand that the biggest problem is that you have to write one by one the emails of your collaborators in the box to add collaborators to the project or team.

The solution I have thought about, I think it can meet your need while the asana boys evaluate whether it is feasible to develop this solution.

Basically, it would be a matter of having the email addresses of the people you want to add regularly to your projects and the solution is as simple as copying those email addresses in the box to add users.

Try it and tell me that it worked for you.

Waiting for your news.

@JMartinez, Great tip!
@Arnold_Joo, If you’re on a paid plan, just copy an existing project template with all members (or create a new one), carefully empty it all tasks if you did a copy, save as template, then make your new projects from this project template to pre-load all members.

Hope that might help until/if Asana provides a shortcut way to reference all org or team members,



Yeah - that’s a solution I thought of as a work around but have instead created a TEAM that is all Org members and then we share projects that way. Asana should have the functionality to include all org members though.

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Yup - that’s essentially what I’m doing now though I’ve also created a TEAM that are all Org members and create projects within that team.

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I agree but while we are waiting for Asana to do it, I quickly developed a little tool for this use case Asana Everyone, add every members on a task, project or team