Need to generate a list of all tasks previously assigned to me.

I need to generate a chronological list of all tasks previously assigned to me, for invoicing purposes. If I can select tasks in the last month that would be better, but all I really need is an archive of previously assigned tasks organized by assignment date. The list cannot be based on completion status, as these tasks are sent to other people and are not completed until well after my work on them is done.

I don’t see any readily accessible task archive.

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The search engine does not allow to search for previously assigned people. You would need to find another way to do this, either reference by hand each task you worked on, or create a follow-up task for every single one and store them in a special project. Or use a custom fields “Steve worked on this? Yes-No”…

You can go the custom fields route, or you could create a personal project for tracking since tasks can be assigned to multiple projects. Just make sure the task filter is set to “All Tasks”.

OR, depending on what features you have access to, you could also create a rule that automatically selects the correct custom field/project that you will use to sort when you change the Assignee. I don’t know how many different people you send these tasks to, but you could set the Trigger to be “Task Assigned” and select the appropriate person or Custom Field changes. Depending on what your workflow is, you could also use the Trigger “Task moved to a certain column/section” when reassigning the work as well.

The Action I would probably use is “Add to another project” and utilize the custom project for tracking.

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