Need to automate creating tasks with start and end dates


The timeline feature will solve a huge need in our organization IF we could get the ability to automatically create or import tasks with a start AND an end date. Right now only Due At and Due On seem to be exposed and the only way to import a task with a start and end date is to manually upload a CSV. Even a way to automate the CSV upload would get us there. Would be used for inventory requests/management in digital media.


Do you have access to someone with some coding experience (or the ability to hire someone)? This could be accomplished using the Asana API.


Can it? As far as I can tell I can only manage to pass through “due on” or “due at” through the API - not start and end date.


Oh yes, you can definitely use the start_on property of a task object to set the start date. Caveats are that you must also set the due date, and of course you must have a paid Asana subscription since start date is not available to free users.

However, when I went to the “Tasks” API page to grab the documentation on the start_on property, I discovered that the documentation is wrong - it shows the due_on information for the start_on property! Not sure but perhaps that was the source of your confusion.

@Joe_Trollo @Jeff_Schneider Can you guys get that documentation corrected?


That’s exactly what I was looking at!

Thank you! I will work with our devs to see if we can make this happen!


Sounds good. Have them post questions to the “Developers & API” section of the forum if they need any assistance!