Need Team Identification for Projects of Same Name


This is why i wanted icons
please don’t tell me to just name my project differently, that’s called a horrible workaround

So-- to solve one of Asana’s problems-- the inability to have private conversations
I have made a workaround-- create a “summary (internal)” project in every single team

well now I’ve totally screwed myself bc I am now unable to tell which one I am dealing with

so all of a sudden my day is not very efficient anymore


Shucks, I can understand your frustration on this. Would it work to include the Team name in the Project Name so “Team 1 Summary (internal), Team 2 Summary (internal)” and so on?

We often recommend creating naming conventions like this for Teams with similar projects so that every project in the team starts with an Abbreviation, unicode character, or Team name to help with this designation. Hopefully this might be able to help :slight_smile:


I agree with @Kaitie’s suggestion here. As you saw in our recent conversation on this (, the team name prefix is helpful. I wouldn’t call this a workaround, actually. Instead, it’s just a naming convention that works for people. You seem very drawn to the icon option. If that’s the case, you could use an icon from an emoji plugin to differentiate between teams and/or projects. We do that, as well.

Also, a housekeeping item: in the future, if you’re familiar with a prior and recent thread on a topic, please keep your conversation about that topic in the thread. Ideally, what we’re talking about now would remain in the thread where we have been discussing this recently (linked above). Doing so will keep the forum nice and tidy! :slight_smile: Thanks!


@Kaitie although that is the most obvious solution, I do not like it and will not do that bc it’s not pretty and totally not efficient.

@Alexis I could agree with you but I am a professional forum troll; “on topic” is merely a figment of our imaginations; every ‘object’ in existence is held together in my brain with “tag-like” (Asana feature) features to access things that are loosely related; this is how a totally messy desk and room actually appear very organized to someone who organizes in this fashion; so that if you would really like to see how much of an organization master I am you should take a peek at my own Asana :wink: