Need: Substantial admin tools


I’m IT at my company. Some of our staff has been using Asana for a few launches, etc, and have been happy with it. We’ve started rolling out Asana to the whole organization. I’m starting to see some gaping holes in Asana’s current admin capabilities. For example:

  1. Adding new members - Admins should have the ability to control team membership for any team in the organization.
    I want to add staff to our Asana organization and put them in Asana teams that are relevant to them. I don’t see a way to currently do that unless I join every single team in my organization. Because I actually use Asana for managing my own work, I really don’t want to be a member of every team.
    (Related: there needs to be a setting that restricts adding new members to a premium organization to admins only)

  2. Managing member accounts - Admins should have the ability to change email addresses, names, etc of members of the organization.
    We often have staff members change their last name, etc, which means a change in email address. Creating a new account and transferring all the old tasks, etc, is not an adequate solution.