Need: Open task in new tab using right-click



We work in multiple tasks at the same time throughout the day. One thing that is very annoying is that it isn’t easy to open a task from a project or other list in a separate tab in the browser.
To do that we need to copy the url and put it into a separate browser tab. Why isn’t this possible using right click and Open in new tab like so many other applications? This is one of those really annoying and time-consuming things that my whole team dislikes about Asana.


Thanks for the feedback @Ines_Roesler. What browser are you using?

I commonly open a new tab from a link in Asana by holding Cmd and clicking on the Chrome browser. Can you try this to see if it works for you?


Hi Kaitie, I usually use Chrome but my team also uses Firefox. I don’t have a Cmd key on my keyboard, we are all windows users in my team. Is there an alternative available? Thanks, Ines


Hi Kaitie,

Is there a way to do this for Wondows users? I haven’t seen another comment in the community.

Thanks, Ines


Kaitie, I’m not looking to open a LINK in a new tab but a TASK from a list in Asana in a new tab. What you described unfortunately doesn’t work. I’ll also submit a support case, as this is something that is incredibly time-consuming and frustrating for me and my team. Regards, Ines


One way is to duplicate a tab with a list, click on the task and add “/f” to the end of URL in browser address bar.