Need an immediate and responsive way to contact customer support

Our Asana account was initially created by someone no longer in the organization with their corp card which is no longer active. We got the message a while ago that we needed to update payment method. There’s no phone number, email, or simple way to contact customer service. I submitted a form to talk to the sales team. Never heard back. I emailed sales and someone responded and said they’d help but never heard back. I tried the chat and maybe because I didn’t get an immediate response and navigated to other things on my computer, they never responded so I assumed it didn’t work. I replied multiple times back to the original email that had responded, but no luck. I’m over a week into this process and finally got a response over chat and the response was someone will someday email me. Does Asana want to be paid or what? I’m working harder to pay you than I feel I should have to work. I’d like to set up payments with invoices like normal businesses function, but you are not responsive and I have no idea if my account will be shut down or when.

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Hi @Jeff_LeFevre

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with this. Have you contacted just the sales team regarding this issue?

Billing problems are assigned to the Asana support team, which you can find the link to that below:

Simple choose “I’m having trouble with” and then billing options should pop up as an option. You will then be able to create a ticket that will be assigned to a rep.

Hope this helps

This is not much of a welcome, @Jeff_LeFevre, sorry to hear this.

The simplest way to contact Support is You’ll be in a queue, though, and if you keep updating the thread you’ll fall to the end of the queue so you’d just have to wait for the reply.

But perhaps @Forum-team could expedite?



I’m sorry for the negative experience @Jeff_LeFevre, I’ve gone ahead and escalated this internally, and our team should be in touch shortly. Thank you so much for your patience and sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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If possible, I’d like to resolve this today, I’m copying in our helpdesk which has received tickets from users saying they’re service has expired. This is deeply affecting our business at the busiest time of year. It’s inexcusable that you don’t have a better method for people to update, change, renew their billing.



Hi @Jeff_LeFevre,

Again, I’m so sorry for the impact this is having on your team. Our team will be in touch shortly to resolve this, but I’m afraid we don’t offer phone support at the moment. Additionally, please note this is a public forum, so we don’t not allow folks to share private info such as phone numbers (I just wanted to let you know as I have edited your last post to remove your number).

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