Need ability to change Today/Upcoming/Later status within listing of searched tasks


Got it. I encourage your product management team to review this issue. As it stands, here is the behavior, which of course is consistent except for that one item.

Multiple selection actions on searched tasks


  • Set assignee

  • Set due date

  • Set project

  • Set tag

  • Delete

  • Mark complete

  • Set followers

Doesn’t Work

  • Set to Today/Upcoming/Later


Another reason why the current behavior is NOT helpful is the problem of past due tasks not auto-applying themselves to Today. If something is in My Tasks set to Today and I know I can’t get to it today, I’ll mark it to Upcoming. Ideally tomorrow said task will re-appear marked Today in My Tasks. But, since it doesn’t (behavior which I also disagree with) I get a growing listing of past due items in the Upcoming section. And, those often get forgotten as there’s so many things in my Today list. So, I have a search set up to find all Incomplete items (I can’t just do a search ONLY for past due items which is yet another thing I have big problems with Asana). Okay, I found the incomplete items, now I want to batch select them and apply them all to Today. Nope, can’t do it. Doesn’t make sense. Here’s three useful things I cannot do in Asana. And, it affects me daily. I don’t know what other people’s workload is like when they use Asana, but, I manage lots of tasks and the inability to do the three things mentioned here affects my productivity in a big way.