Need a way of giving Titles to Asana team members, and be able to assign tasks to Titles

I’ve been wanting this for a while but honestly never could put into words what I needed. Sorta like trying to scratch a moving itch. Suddenly it dawned on me today. Titles. We need titles. Especially for people in our company who are either management, or uniquely skilled individuals.

This is specially helpful when using task templates and project templates.

So for example, I just created a Section in a project titled “Company Events” where I’m going to put our employee’s individual anniversary dates, and they will be a repeating task. This also will serve as a trigger for the department head to perform their annual performance evaluation.

The problem is, we don’t know for sure who will be the department head. In a big moving company, people come and go, promote and abscond. This task is going to be a Task Template…so, I need a way of assigning this task to “Assembly Manager” or “Coatings Manager” or “Office Manager”, so that whatever person in our company who carries the title “Assembly Manager” automatically has this task assigned to them.

I see MOUNTAINS of other uses. Especially when using task or project templates and you have tasks that automatically need to be assigned to a certain position when the template is put into use.

Every Asana Project already has a Project Owner. Allow us to assign tasks to that title, so that if a Project changes owners, those tasks move over to that person.

Allow us to create custom, global titles. For example, “Lead Installer” would be a title we’d use. Complex jobs will be assigned direct to the “Lead Installer”.

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Heres a (relativly) easy Solution:

Create a custom drop down field with the titles you need

Either you can create a Dashbaord for each project. In the Dashboard make a chart with the custom fields you set up. Now when viewing the chart, you can just click on it and it will show the related Tasks that have been assigne the “title custom field”

Another Option is to set up news accounts with e-mail adresses that reflect the new titles…