Navigating boards should be more streamlined

When my cursor is in one field, but I click in another (like to create a new task in a board), that new task should open immediately. But typically the page jumps back to where the cursor was before and I lose my place.

Also, adding a new section should be an option for the top of the page, not only the bottom so I have to move it up.

Would love to archive the sections, or hide or minimize them, instead of only being able to delete them. The sections are “always open” when I open the page, creating a long list that I can’t clean up without deleting information I want to keep. If I close the section with the arrow, it opens up again automatically.

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Hi @Heather27 thanks for posting and apologies on the delay here.

I believe that first behaviour no longer happens.
There is also now an option to create a new section on the drop down next to create a new task.

And with the new saved views you can save a collapsed section.

Going to mark this as complete :smiley:

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