Native Windows App for Offline Use?

+1 - would also be very useful for my team.

Hi fellow Asana users, I’ve found a very viable solution, the new Microsoft Edge got released lately and you can go and update yours from the official website. It has the ability to install a Webpage as an APP! Yes, you can even pin it to your taskbar normally like any other application you got on your Windows. and boom here you got the solution except for using it offline. Enjoy!

Check out the new Microsoft Edge, it can do that in a much easier way. Thanks for sharing!

Hello @fadytarekselim and thanks for sharing! This is Also possible in Chrome by going to the top right corner and press the three-dotted icon -> More tools -> Create Shortcut…

If you tick the “Open new window” during the pop-up prompt, it will not launch as a new tab in your Chrome browser, but in its own dedicated window.

It is the best workaround for this to use it offline thus far. I do +99999999 on an actual native application in the future as well.

  • Jack