Narrative reporting

Hello there, I’m still running a trial of Asana and am wondering whether there is any functionality for narrative reporting and not just dashboards. This will be important for extracting reports for our board, who won’t be on Asana, and will need the narrative to accompany visuals of metrics. Specifically, this narrative reporting needs to relate to goals and sub-goals. Are there options we can use? Thanks in advance for any pointers.

@Nature_Lover - have you tried out smart summaries (and the other AI features)? I think this might get you what you need.

Thanks @Stephen_Li . Yes, I’ve had a look at that. It seems there’s an impressive, if slightly overwhelming, number of features, which I’m sure will become useful over time. However, I’m still at the stage of trying to work out whether we can get the essential functionality we need.

Whilst I can see how to input or auto-generate text updates for projects, I can only see an option to auto-generate updates for goals. The challenge is that at the moment, we’re not planning on managing all of our projects through Asana (we won’t have enough licences), so there won’t be enough data for an AI summary.

What I’m really looking for is a way of generating a report which shows a list of annual objectives and key results, using the goals and sub-goals functionality, with a short summary and status update against each. This is what we can currently do in excel but it’s a pretty clunky process when there’s a lot of data to work with. Would the solution be to attach a project template to each of our key results, so that updates can be entered manually? I’ve set up the higher levels of the goals, including our long-term strategic goals, to auto-update based on the status of the key results. However, at the moment I can only see how to say whether a key result is on track or not, and what percentage of it has been completed, without adding any commentary explaining why.

If we did the above, I can several benefits but I’m also still looking for which bit of the reporting would work best if we need narrative as well as dashboard graphics.

Grateful for any pointers if you have any.

@Nature_Lover - gotcha, thanks for laying out your objectives so clearly! If you want to try to leverage the AI tools, they are available in both goals and projects. If you click to update the project status (either via the overview tab as shown below or via the status next to the project title), you should see a button that says Draft update with AI:

You can also use goal and project updates without leveraging AI (see below for where that’s located in goals).

Using updates will allow you to contextualize your project/goal progress with narrative details. An example of how you might set this up is:

  1. Objective goal = Improve strategic partnerships in FY24
  2. 3 key results sub-goals below objective (i have no idea what your industry is so treat these as abstractions)
    a. Increase # of partners by 100% from FY23
    b. Improve CSAT from 50% to 70%
    c. Deliver 20 new widgets
  3. Set sub-goals a and b to be manually updated % values and c to be connected a project housing delivery milestones
  4. Regularly update the status of your projects (weekly) and goals (monthly) using the built-in statuses and writing your own context

Doing something like this should give you high-level strategic updates (via goals), lower-level tactical updates (via projects) and enable you to also leverage universal reporting to provide visualization alongside your written updates. If you set up your goals effectively, it should give you real-time (or whenever you manually update them) info on how close you are to your targets.

Thank you very much @Stephen_Li and sorry for a delayed response. I’ve now had a chance to try this out and it looks like an excellent solution. Really appreciate the advice.

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