My Top 10 Feature Requests


After using Asana for a little bit, I do like it. The organization is nice, but I do feel limited sometimes in terms of features and flexibility. Here are my top 10 feature requests.

  1. Auto-Generate Aesthetically Pleasing Timelines of Tasks/Deadlines (to Export as PDF)
  2. Enable Syncing of Team Calendar
  3. Assign Same Task/Project (Not Copy) to Multiple People, Assign Same Project (Not Copy) to Multiple Teams (I’ve read the article on accountability, I disagree)
  4. When a Project is Created from a Task, Keep the Linked so Changes to One are Reflected in the Other.
  5. Remove the “Who’s Missing from Your Team” message
  6. Add More Themes (dark theme, custom backgrounds, etc)
  7. If the Same File Needs to be Attached to Multiple Tasks, Enable Referencing Instead of Re-Uploading (this will save Asana storage space)
  8. In the free pricing plan, allow users to create dependent tasks and add a name instead of domain at the top right. The 15 member limit is enough to force growing businesses out of the free plan.
  9. Export Tasks/Boards to PDF
  10. The Most Important One is Stemming Off of #3 and #4. If the same task/project can appear in multiple places, this would make Asana much more powerful and competitive.

Which ones are the most important to you?