My Tasks View to the be same layout as the new Project List view

Is it possible for the new Project List View to also be applied to the My Tasks view?

I find that our projects are now in a better shape of order, but when I switch to the My Tasks view, as the column structure isn’t there, the detail isn’t as clear… I’d love to be able to see the associated projects / dates / priority / custom fields etc all in their own column, so it is easier to sort through my objectives.

Is that upgrade coming soon? If so, do you know timings? I feel you missed a step not applying that update on this page at launch.

Hi @Sarah_Mosses,

The new list view format is not currently available in My Tasks. Others have made the same request in the main thread about this change (Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!), but oddly, it seems no one has posted the request in Product Feedback - until now you have! So now others can vote for it here.

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