My Tasks View - Sorting Persistence


When I sort my tasks by due date (which is my preference), the setting doesn’t stay persistent. I have to set this every time I go to my tasks. Would be very nice if we could get some persistent view settings to either reports or task views.


Hi @luiso,

Once you change the sort, you can click “Save View for Everyone” just underneath the sort field, and that will cause Asana to remember your sort selection.


I clicked that, I don’t have any clue what it did. Says it saved the view for the organization which wasn’t really my intention, but I can’t seem to saved view.


The wording is a bit confusing as it applies to the My Tasks view.

In a normal project view, it means that it saves the currently-set sorting for anyone who is viewing that project.

In the My Tasks view, technically it means the same thing - i.e. it saves the current sorting for anyone who views your My Tasks view. But of course in the case of My Tasks, you are the only person who will be looking at that view. So for My Tasks, while it says “save for everyone”, in practice it really means “save for me”.

So if you leave your My Tasks view and then come back to it, the items should be sorted as they were when you clicked “Save View for Everyone”. Are they?


K, I didn’t notice it the first time, but when I clicked the save for everyone, it did actually keep that view. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!