My Tasks View: Prioritization



I manage quite a few projects at a time, and I’d like a better solution when it comes to determining prioritization.

  • First, I’d love to see all tasks assigned to me across workspaces (so I have one for work, a volunteer organization, and home).

  • Within a workspace, I’d like to be able to see My Tasks for (1) today, (2) tomorrow, (3) this week.

  • Should be able to prioritize My Tasks without having the headers. Unless I go through my 100+ tasks, this doesn’t work.

  • For the Calendar view in My Tasks, I want to be able to filter (1) out completed tasks and (2) the projects; be able to move the tasks in priority order; see different calendar views (day, week, month).

  • I’d also love to see “Priority” as part of the task, itself.

Right now, the My Tasks section is pretty worthless. Every day, I’m writing down that day’s priorities and moving things around on paper.


This sentence can be ignored: Post’s with quotes can’t be empty, and the thumbs up button doesn’t work to ‘like’ just one part of a post, so I’m writing something here so I can post my agreement with the feature request I quoted above.