My Tasks view by Project



Perhaps unlike many other asana users, I mostly use the tool for personal task management with only some assigning work to/tracking my direct reports’ activity. On the personal task management front, I find the view by Project (incomplete tasks) to be most effective for me. The view by due date is too jumbled when you have a lot of varied tasks (size, priority) in asana. As a result of using the view by Project, I see all tasks for that project when the project is expanded; this requires a lot of scrolling to see all due or upcoming tasks for all of my projects. So… it would be great, but likely not possible, to collapse a project but still have overdue (or “today”) tasks visible. Anything to help with a quick look at what’s due now, categorized by project. Open to other ideas if I’m missing something!


Maybe you could use an Advanced Search and then add this specific search to your favorites.

  1. Start the Advanced Search
  2. Search for any task in a given project and define the due date as you wish (“Within the next…” and/or “Within the last…”). You might want to add more criteria as Assignee
  3. Add this search to your favorites (check the star next to your search title (see image)

This is not a solution that uses a collapse view but it might be of some help.


Great suggestion @Ulli, I haven’t saved any searches yet so this is helpful. And, probably faster than collapsing a bunch of projects to pare down my view. :bulb: