My Tasks Today is above New Tasks


New to Asana. Started adding tasks. When I click the My Task button, Today is above New Tasks which is awkward. So from top to bottom I have:
New Tasks

How can I move New Tasks back to the top?


@Pamela_Leonard, check your profile settings under Hacks and see what the setting is for this.


You rock!!! Thank you!!!
I didn’t even know that settings menu existed!


You should also turn on the “Tab + b” shortcut :grinning:


what’s that? I don’t understand the explanation


It took me ages to work it out too. Tab+B, as in ‘tabby’ cat.:cat:


hahaaaaaa! I turned it back off, but cute!


I somehow had the option to show today above new turned on. It is the second option from the top.


We’ve got an update for you all in the thread linked below. In order to keep the Community organized we’ll be closing this thread and continuing all conversation about “today above new” in the thread below. Thanks!