My Tasks Sort by Project

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

My Tasks Sort by Project, tasks that are sub-tasks sort as No Project.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a project. Add a task and assign to yourself. Create a sub-task on that task and assign to yourself.

Go to My Tasks and sort on project. Note that task is sorted with project, and sub-task is sorted to No Project

Browser version:

Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142

Upload screenshots below:

Cannot as my My Tasks has information I cannot share. The repro steps should work. If not I will repro with a test user and provide screenshots.

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What you describe is the same for all of us, and is not an unintended bug, but the inevitable side effect of the fact that subtasks are defined in Asana as NOT belonging to the same project as their parent task, or indeed any project, unless you deliberately assign each subtask to that project one by one. This is a surprising design decision, and takes pretty much every new user by surprise.

The workaround is to deliberately add subtasks to the project where you want to see them. That will also add subtasks to your project Timeline view.

Thank you for describing the cause.

A very odd design decision if in fact it was intentional as the UI actively hides this from you. You need to Tab-P or use the menu to even show the project field, while meanwhile the breadcrumbs at the top are indicating that it is in the project.

Hi @mkoehler:wave: Thank you so much for reaching out.

As @Stephanie_Oberg explained, subtasks currently do not automatically inherit their parent task project. As you said, you can manually associate your subtasks to the project using the TAB+P shortcut or following these steps:

This product limitation is due to Subtasks were created a long time ago under an older data model which restricted it us in making subtasks more efficient. We’re currently transitioning toward a new data model which will allow us to build stronger subtasks. While I don’t have a timeline to share just yet, rest ensured that this is on our radar. I’ll make sure to make an announcement as soon as I have more details and timeline to share!

Have a great Friday!