“My Tasks” Sections not working

When I navigate to My Tasks. I see a bunch of tasks in the “recently assigned” section. But the other sections are not populated like “Do Today” or “Do Next Week”

The only way tasks get populated in the various sections is moving them there by drag and drop. I have due dates set for the tasks. They don’t automatically show up in the respective sections?

Is this how it is supposed to work?

Welcome, @Robert21,

I wrote an article that I think would be of value to you, both the article content/steps, and there’s a link there to the Asana Guide about My Tasks.

Hope that helps,


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Would this apply to iOS views as well? If you add a start date of today to later in the week would these task automatically show up in these views?

Do I have to manually move tasks to these sections or can they be placed in there because the data is there, start dates due dates etc.

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If you set up rules as indicated, and if when they run just after midnight they match the trigger as the articles indicate, then they will be moved automatically by Asana, even if viewing on iOS. In all other cases, it’s up to you to move them manually.


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